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First Aid Kits

Make sure your workplace and all vehicles are equipped with quality first aid kits.  The vast range of kits are designed to meet the needs of your business and comply with state workplace codes and legislation.

From small pocket pouch kits to large wall mount workplace kits.  Refills are also available from Direct Source Australia.

National workplace first aid kits

Selecting the best first aid kit for your workplace is easy. National workplace first aid kits are for workplaces with 1 - 25 employees and have been created by taking into account all of the states first aid requirements.

They are available in:

  • 863332 portable hardbox
  • 863333 portable softpack
  • 863331 wall mount

863332 863333 863331

Level 2 first aid kits

Level 2 first aid kits are suitable for construction sites with more than 25 employees and other workplaces with more than 100. The softpack portable carry case is a flexible solution for company buses and other vehicles transporting multiple employees

  • 871123 Level 2 softpack portable first aid kit.

Handy Soft Pack Kit

A popular glove box and travel first aid kit that is compact in size.  With a simple design, organised internal layout and hard wearing zippered canvas case it offers great value for money.  Available in three colours as shown.

  • Red 848794
  • Blue 848890
  • Green 856603

Handy Deluxe First Aid Kit

The handy deluxe first aid kit contains all you need and more in a compact durable case ideal for light vehicles.

  • 856623

Remote Area First Aid Kit

The remote area first aid kit unfolds to reveal storage compartments for easy access.  In a durable nylon soft pack it makes it ideal for storage in light vehicles.

  • 854318

Snake bite kit

Snake bites can be deadly. While effective anti-venom are available pressure immobilisation is recommended until medical aid can be administered. Our comprehensive snake bit kit ensures you have the appropriate products available to administer first aid in these emergencies, an ideal addition to outdoor work kits.

First aid locations stickers

  • 840046 90mm x 125mm pack of 5
  • 838903 180mm x 250mm


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