For Sale – Prototype Spill Response Trailer – 1 only

Your first response and command centre for large hazards and spills.

The Emergency Spill Response Unit a ready-to-go, fully equipped and self-powered unit for the protection of your people, environment and equipment. This trailer unit is equipped with absorbents and PPE for Hydrocarbon, General Purpose or Hazchem risks to ensure environmental compliance and duty of care requirements are met.

Built as a first response command centre for a spill, it allows you to be onsite with PPE gear to assess and contain the hazard and establish a communication centre with the on-board UHF. Further safety precautions on board include fire extinguishers, first aid kits, work flood lamps and even a water tank with hose.

You will always be ready to “hook up and tow” knowing you are equipped to minimise the damage and impact by an efficient spill response.

Developed in consultation with Industry-wide Safety and Risk Managers, we built this prototype unit and it is now a one-off for sale unit. It has the following specifications:

  • trailer is hot dipped galvanised and painted in 2 pack.
  • lighting is quality Hella mine spec.
  • PPE, fire extinguishers and first aid kits are quality products.
  • absorbents are environmentally friendly, highly absorbent products in matting.
  • socks and in pourable forms. These are not oil based polypropylene products.

ATM: 2000kg
Suspension: rocker load sharing galvanised
Brakes: mechanical override disc brake
Wheels: 6 stud 15inch all terrain
Tow hitch: 50mm ball
Chassis: hot dipped galvanised
Water tank: 100 litre with electric pump
Flood lamps: 3.2m extension height from ground level
Battery: 120amp AGM
Charging: 240v charger and 60w solar panel with controller.

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