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About Direct Source Australia

Direct Source Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of industrial supply. We provide quality products to the mining, industrial and marine sectors as well as general workshops.  Formerly called M&C Sales, we commenced operation in 2000 and are experienced in export & wholesale company supplying customers in Australia, South America, Pacific Region, Asia and the Middle East.

Our first product line, Enviro Gold chemicals was established in 2000 and continues to be owned by Direct Source Australia. Over the years many other products have been added to the range through a focus on the industrial and mining industries.  Today we offer you, our customer a “one-stop-shop” for supply of workshop consumables, enviro-chemicals, spill control and vehicle safety fitout products. We focus on reducing your suppliers, decreasing shipping costs, saving money and helping you to improve efficiencies in your operation.

Australian madeDirect Source Australia is proud to own and manufacture registered “Australia Made” products:

  • Enviro Gold Lanolin; and
  • Vehicle safety flags (buggy whips).

Please contact us for information on our product range or for quotes and orders.

Direct Source Australia exports to:

Direct Source Australia exports internationally


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