Mine vehicle safety flag reflective tape
Safety flag – mine site hi-lux
Mini bus with vehicle safety flag, fire extinguisher, reflective tape, first aid and light bar.
Buggy whip – mine transport bus
visible safety flag buggy whips in sand dunes
Buggy whip visibility in 4WD sand desert park

Improve your visibility with DSA Vehicle Safety Flags

Our vehicle safety flags, also called buggy whips, are Australian made to last in our harsh environment.

Different mine sites and civil contractor sites have their own safety regulations and height requirements for vehicle visibility and safety depending on the machinery and landscape. Safety flags with pole joiners are ideal when off-road 4wd in desert parks and sand dunes. When not in use, they can be separated to a shorter length and easily stored.

We have a range of off-the-shelf sizes from 1 metre to 3.5 metres in both fixed and quick release bases.

Buggy whips can also come with pole joiners to be able to fold them down for easy storage.

DSA safety flag features

Vehicle safety flag storage bags
Safety flag with pole joiner
Safety flag mounting bases zinc plates
Vehicle safety flag with reflective cross and bushes.
  • UV resistant materials
  • Gold zinc electroplated heavy duty bases
  • Pole joiners designed with thread connection to reduce seizing
  • Quality durable Hi-vis coloured flags
  • Fixed or quick release base options
  • Off the shelf sizes range from 1m to 3.5m
  • 90° turn lock on quick release bases for added safety
  • Flag bushes secure the flag but allow it to freely rotate
  • Solid fibreglass rod
  • Custom building available
  • Manufactured in Brisbane by us, Direct Source Australia

Contact us to order your Vehicle safety flag or for more information.

Fixed base DSA Vehicle Safety Flags

Part numberDescriptionFlag total height
SF1.0FBSafety flag with fixed base1.0 metre
SF1.5FBSafety flag with fixed base1.5 metre
SF2.0FBSafety flag with fixed base2.0 metre
SF2.4FBSafety flag with fixed base2.4 metre
SF3.0FBSafety flag with fixed base3.0 metre
SF3.5FBSafety flag with fixed base3.5 metre
SF2.0FBPJSafety flag with fixed base and pole joiner2.0 metre
SF2.4FBPJSafety flag with fixed base and pole joiner2.4 metre
SF3.0FBPJSafety flag with fixed base and pole joiner3.0 metre
SF3.5FBPJSafety flag with fixed base and pole joiner3.5 metre

Quick release standard builds

Part numberDescriptionFlag total height
SF1.0QRSafety flag with quick release base1.0 metre
SF1.5QRSafety flag with quick release base1.5 metre
SF2.0QRSafety flag with quick release base2.0 metre
SF2.4QRSafety flag with quick release base2.4 metre
SF3.0QRSafety flag with quick release base3.0 metre
SF3.5QRSafety flag with quick release base3.5 metre
SF2.0QRPJSafety flag with quick release base and pole joiner2.0 metre
SF2.4QRPJSafety flag with quick release base and pole joiner2.4 metre
SF3.0QRPJSafety flag with quick release base and pole joiner3.0 metre
SF3.5QRPJSafety flag with quick release base and pole joiner3.5 metre