We stock a wide range of fire extinguishers and fire blankets for workplace sites and vehicles. Our range includes:

  • UV stable covers to protect the extinguishers
  • vehicle brackets
  • workplace signs
  • metal fire extinguisher compliance tags.

Powder (ABE) Fire Extinguishers are the most common for workplaces and sites. These are made with:

  • high quality thick powder coating cylinder for increased UV resistance
  • thick skirt on the bottom of 4.5kg and 9kg cylinders for added strength
  • special hose hooks to secure the hose to the side of the extinguisher body

We also have available CO2, water, foam fire equipment.

Dry Chemical (ABE)

Part numberDescription
FE1DC1.0kg ABE Fire extinguisher with vehicle bracket
FE15DC1.5kg ABE Fire extinguisher with vehicle bracket
FE2DC2.0kg ABE Fire extinguisher with vehicle bracket
FE25DC2.5kg ABE Fire extinguisher with vehicle bracket
FE45DC4.5kg ABE Fire extinguisher
FE9DC9.0kg ABE Fire extinguisher


Part numberDescription
FE2CO22.0kg CO2 Fire extinguisher
FE35CO23.5kg CO2 Fire extinguisher
FE5CO25.0kg CO2 Fire extinguisher
FE45CO245kg CO2 Mobile Unit Fire extinguisher


Part numberDescription
FE9F9 Litre Foam Fire extinguisher

Larger foam mobile units available on request.

Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Part numberDescription
FEVBOC45Over centre bracket to fit 4.5kg extinguisher
FEVBOC9Over centre bracket to fit 9.0kg extinguisher
FEVB25Heavy duty black bracket to fit 2.5kg extinguisher
FEVBG45Heavy duty galvanised bracket fits up to 4.5kg extinguishers
FEVBG9Heavy duty galvanised bracket fits up to 9.0kg extinguishers
UVBSUV bag cover for 4.5kg fire extinguishers
UVBLUV bag cover for 9kg fire extinguishers
STSIL100Fire extinguisher location sticker 100mm x 100mm
WDTRMetal fire extinguisher service tag and ring

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