Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner is a premium quality citrus based hand cleaner. It includes a high content of lanolin and grit leaving hands clean and moisturised.

Eco Hand Cleaner

This product is a high quality industrial hand cleaner which also reduces instances of industrial dermatitis which can occur in high usage applications. Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner does not use harsh solvents, but instead the natural citrus cleaning power. It is a thick, heavy lotion which can be dispensed using lotion pumps making it convenient for wall dispenses or stand alone dispensers in workshops.

Benefits and advantages

  • neutral pH and will not irritate sensitive skin
  • no petroleum solvents
  • high content of lanolin which moisturises dry skin reducing instances of Industrial dermatitis
  • natural citrus, dilimonene for strong cleaning power
  • citrus fragrance that leaves hands refreshed
  • contains grit for extra scrubbing power
  • thick heavy gel which is economical to use

Common Applications

Works best in an Industrial environment when applied to dry hands. The product dissolves and carries away the dirt and grime when water is applied.

Part numberDescription
EGEH2020 litre drum Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner
EGEH55 litre drum Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet

Download a Safety Data Sheet for Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner. Non-DG for storage and transportation.