Truck machinery wash label

Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash is a concentrated, quick break water based wash. It is effective in the removal of tough road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminium and paintwork.

Blue in colour, it contains a highly concentrated blend of organic components, and optical brighteners to leave paint work clean, shiny and conditioned.

Common applications

Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash is primarily used to wash trucks, cars, boats, buses and other heavy vehicles. This product is ideal for pit wash applications.

Benefits & advantages

  • Quick break formulation ideal for pit wash applications
  • Biodegradable and free rinsing
  • contains corrosion inhibitors to protect surface from rusting
  • Leaves paintwork shiny and streak free
  • economical to use, thick concentrate
  • safe to store and transport

Product range:

Part numberDescription
EGTMW2020 litre drum Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash
EGTMW200200 litre drum Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash

Safety Data Sheet

Download a copy of the Safety Data Sheet for Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash. Non-DG for storage and transportation.