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Starter motor isolation kits with jump start receptacle

Constructed with quality Cole Herse style lock out switches and Anderson connectors.  The battery isolation switches are designed and engineered to meet the harsh requirements of the Australian mining industry. 

  • MSU-04 175amp battery
  • MSU-05 175amp starter
  • MSU-08 350amp battery
  • MSU-09 350amp starter

Battery isolation and cut out switches

The prime function of the AccuPAX battery isolation switch is to disconnect and isolate the main battery positive and negative circuits of the vehicle or engine plant to render it safe or inoperable.

AccuPAX battery isolation switch
HM4660A 9 to 15 Volts
HM4660B 18 to 30 Volts

iROS Roller Protection Device (optional)

Emergency stop switch
Emergency stop switch


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