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Fire Equipment

Direct Source Australia fire equipment range covers the following products:

  • Fire Extinguishers - powder, water, foam and CO2
  • Vehicle Brackets
  • UV Fire Extinguisher Covers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Location Stickers
  • Service Tags

Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder Fire Extinguishers are manufactured with the following features:

  • High quality thick powder coating with increased UV resistance
  • 4.5kg and 9kg cylinders all have a thick skirt at the bottom
  • Special hose hook to secure the hose to the side of the extinguisher body
FE1DC 1.0kg ABE Fire Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket
FE15DC 1.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket
FE2DC 2.0kg ABE Fire Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket
FE25DC 2.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket
FE12DC 4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher
FE9DC 9.0kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

 Vehicle Brackets

FEVBOC45 Over Centre Bracket 4.5kg
FEVBOC9 Over Centre Bracket 9.0kg
FEVB25 Heavy Duty Black Bracket suits 2.5kg
FEVBG45 Heavy Duty Galvanised Bracket Fits up to 4.5kg
FEVBG9 Heavy Duty Galvanised Bracket Fits up to 9.0kg

UV Covers

WUVS 4.5kg UV Fire Extinguisher Bag
WUVL 9.0kg UV Fire Extinguisher Bag

 Fire Location Stickers

STSIL100 Fire Extinguisher Loation Sticker 100mm x 100mm

 Service Tags

WDTR Metal Fire Extinguisher Service Tag & Ring






Over Centre Bracket

 H.D. Galvanised 



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