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3M Reflective Tape

The use of high visibility retroreflective vehicle safety markings is an important element in the reduction of incident rates both on-site and whilst travelling on public roads.

Standards and classifications

Direct Source Australia stock 3M products which exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.1:2007 as well as a range which meet the European Union’s UN/ECE104 regulation. UN/ECE104 compliant products bear an indelible marking which is your guarantee of the highest performance product available. On some mine / industrial sites these markings are compulsory.
Fluorescent colours
The use of fluorescent colours provides high visibility during daylight and especially the critical dawn / dusk periods. 3M’s fluorescent products provide equally high night time reflectivity as non fluorescent products with the added benefit of 24 hour performance.
The importance of Edge Sealing
Most Class 1, 1A and 1W products are manufactured using prismatic technology. Edge sealing, or the use of a pre-edge sealed product, protects against the ingress of dirt and grime as well as delamination which can occur when the products are subject to high pressure water cleaning at acute angles. To ensure maximum durability the use of edge sealed products is recommended whenever these circumstances are likely.
Foremost in getting the best from any adhesive is correct surface preparation and good application technique. A ‘3M User Guide’ is provided with all our reflective tapes which includes information on these critical areas as well as care and maintenance to ensure you get the best durability and performance from your reflective safety markings. For clients with an ongoing need, or larger fleets, specialist advice is available.
3M Diamond Grade 983ES Series (Edge Sealed) UN/ECE104 Mark Class 1A

Part No. Description Colour Roll Size
983-10ES-55 3M 983-10ES White 55mm x 50m
983-71ES-55 3M 983-71ES Yellow 55mm x 50m
983-21ES-55 3M 983-21ES Fluro Yellow 55mm x 45.7m
983-72ES-55 3M 983-72ES Red 55mm x 50m

3M Diamond Grade 983ES Series (Edge Sealed) Class 1A

Part No. Description Colour Roll Size
 983-10ES-50-15  3M 983-10ES  White  50mm x 15m
 983-10ES-50  3M 983-10ES  White  50mm x 45.7m
 983-10ES-100-15  3M 983-10ES  White  100mm x 15m
 983-10ES-100  3M 983-10ES  White  100mm x 45.7m
 983-71ES-50  3M 983-71ES  Yellow  50mm x 45.7m
 983-72ES-50-15  3M 983-72ES  Red  50mm x 15m
 983-72ES-50  3M 983-72ES  Red  50mm x 45.7
 983-72ES-100-15  3M 983-72ES  Red  100mm x 15m


 Part No.  Description  Colour  Roll Size
983-23ES-50-15  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  50mm x 15m
983-23ES-50  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  50mm x 45.7m
983-23ES-75  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  75mm x 45.7m
983-23ES-100-15  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  100mm x 15m
983-23ES-100  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  100mm x 45.7m
983-23ES-150  3M 983-23ES  Fluoro Yellow Green  150mm x 45.7m

 3M DG3 Diamond Grade 4000 Series (Non Edge Sealed) Class 1W

Part No. Description Colour Roll Size
4083-25 3M 4083 Fluoro Yellow Green 25mm x 45.7m
4083-50 3M 4083 Fluoro Yellow Green 50mm x 45.7m
4083-75 3M 4083 Fluoro Yellow Green 75mm x 45.7m
4084-50 3M 4084 Fluoro Orange 50mm x 45.7m
4084-75 3M 4084 Fluoro Orange 75mm x 45.7m

 3M Engineer Grade 3200 Series Class 2

Part No. Description Colour Roll Size
3271-50 3M 3271 Yellow 50mm x 45.7m

 Other Uses
High Visibility Retroreflective Safety Markings have many other applications in addition to vehicles and SME. Static obstacles, door and entrance ways, most anything that raises a collision or impact hazard for people, vehicles or other equipment.


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