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Flag Bases & Pole Joiner

Direct Source Australia Vehicle Safety Flags are available with a choice of four heavy duty bases:

  • Fixed Base
  • Quick Release Base
  • Quick Release Spring Base
  • Fixed Spring Base

The quick release bases have been designed with a 90 degree turn lock to ensure the flag stays secure whilst the vehicle is moving.  All bases manufactured by Direct Source Australia are gold zinc electroplated to protect against environment while not compromising on appearance.

Direct Source Australia pole joiners have been designed with a thread connection to reduce the occurrence of seizing.

Our specially designed heavy duty bases are up to double the size of most competitors. This reduces the chance of pin breakage on the bases.

Vehicle safety flags base options                                                  

     A                 B                C              D              E

A  Pole joiner

B  Standard fixed base

C Fixed spring base

D  Quick release base

E  Quick release spring base

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