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Vehicle Safety Flag Lights

Direct Source Australia Vehicle Safety Flags are available with two types of LED lighting; rope light, flashing light.

LED rope lights are hardwired into the vehicles headlight system.  The LED low voltage rope light is available in 12 or 24 volt.

LED flashing lights have a self contained battery inside the high impact resistant housing.  With 130 hours continuous burn time the LED flashing lights are ideal for hire vehicles and low usage applications.


Vehicle Safety Flag Bush

Direct Source Australia Vehicle Safety Flags are all manufactured with solid fibreglass poles for extra strength. Standard pole lengths available are 1 metre, 1.5 metres, 2 metres, 2.4 metres, 3 metres and 3.5 metres. Custom build lengths are also available.

No cable ties are used to secure the flag during construction. Instead, two durable hi-vis flag pole bushes made from polyurethane have been fitted above and below the flag to assist in securing the flag in place, yet allowing it to rotate freely. The design allows the flag to rotate full 360 degrees without folding back onto itself.


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