Battery isolation switch - roll over switch

Battery isolation

Starter motor isolation kits with jump start

Battery isolator switch MSU-04

The battery isolation switches are designed and engineered to meet the harsh requirements of the Australian mining industry. Constructed with quality Cole Herse lock out switches and Anderson connectors.

  • MSU-04 175amp battery
  • MSU-05 175amp starter
  • MSU-08 350amp battery
  • MSU-09 350amp starter

Battery isolation and cut out switches

Hella HM4660A rollover protection device

The AccuPAX battery isolation switch is used to disconnect and isolate the main battery positive and negative circuits of the vehicle or engine plant. This makes it safe or inoperable as needed. Emergency stop switches can be fitted as an option.

Hella HM4660ROD
  • AccuPAX battery isolation switch
    HM4660A 9 to 15 Volts
    HM4660B 18 to 30 Volts
  • HM4660ROD iROS Roller Protection Device (optional)
  • BA-3174 Emergency stop switch (optional)

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Wheel nut indicators

Loose wheel nut indicators are a part of daily fleet safety checks and scheduled maintenance in the transport and mining industry.

Fitted to wheel nuts as a visual alert to any movement in the nuts. This prevents accidents where the wheel may detach. 

Sizes of wheel nut indicators

To get the correct size, measure ‘across the flats’ of the wheel nut hexagon in millimetres.

Loose wheel nut indicator pattern

Open type wheel nut indicator

loose wheel nut indicator

Part # From CP17 through to CP46

Diameter sizes available:
17mm to 46mm in 1mm increments.


For recessed wheel nuts common to alloy rims

Loose wheel nut indicator caps directional
Wheel nut loose indicators

Part #
DTLRY19 – 19mm diameter
DTLRY21 – 21mm diameter
DTLRY22 – 22mm diameter
DTLRY24 – 24mm diameter
DTLRY27 – 27mm diameter
DTLRY30 – 30mm diameter
DTLRY32 – 32mm diameter
DTLRY33 – 33mm diameter

Metal ring wheel nut indicators

5 Stud PCD
6 Stud PCD

Uses applicator to fit metal ring onto set 5 stud or 6 stud wheel nuts.

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Wheel chock mounted in tray

Wheel chocks and holders

large wheel chock mounted
mine spec ute wheel chock holder mounted

Wheel chocks are an important part of accident prevention and vehicle safety. We stock a range of sized wheel chocks. From car size up to larger sizes for mine or earth moving equipment. Stainless steel holders ensure wheel chocks are stored and accessible.

  • Solid robust rubber construction
  • Anti-skid traction
  • Sizes for industrial and mining
  • Stainless steel wheel chock holders also available to hold 3 sizes

Part number: 10719

Wedge Shape wheel chock
205 x 120 x 100mm
Suitable for light vehicles

wheel chock half moon

Part number: 10719WCH

Stainless Steel wheel chock holder
Fits 2 Chocks 205 x 120 x 100mm

stainless steel wheel chock holder

Part number: 10704

Half Moon wheel chock
200 x 250 x 180mm
Suitable for medium vehicles

wheel chock half moon

Part number: 10704WCH

Stainless Steel wheel chock holder
Fits 2 Chocks 200 x 250 x 180mm

stainless steel wheel chock holder

Part number: 10770

Jumbo sized wheel chock
300 x 300 x 255mm
Suitable for earth moving & mining

wheel chocks

Part number: 10770WCH

Stainless Steel wheel chock holder
Fits 1 Chock 300 x 300 x 255mm

Stainless wheel chock holder

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